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Yesterday I had McDonalds for breakfast. It was the worst idea.

Vato Mario and I have been painting a mural in the guys warehouse bathroom at my company. We talk shit and listen to 80's hip hop the entire time. I've caught him up on all the dance moves from the 90's (i.e. running man). I let him do his thing because I'm all about learning to compromise. Yesterday that cray-cray fool let me paint his face. Entertainment is cheap.

A little PA, anyone? He's no looker (do not let the photograph deceive you!) but the man has a voice like butter.

Indian burial ground, here I come.


- I'm completely heartbroken. After over a year of dating and a 5+ year friendship, I feel like I hold no importance to him. I'm guilty of doing the same thing.

- My lack of close girly friends and the unwillingness to pursue friendships in this city. It's kind of hard when I'm never here. Maybe the stupidity I find in most people really does hold me back.

- Political hype - it's the new black (or shall I say Urban Outfitters?)

+ I recently attended an intimate dinner party as my godfather's date and as luck would have it I sat next to David Byrne. We bonded over our knack for okra. Dinner was followed by major tomfoolery that lead into the early morning hours.

+ I got me one of these ('75 BMW 2002 turbo) in silver:

+ My family is amazingly entertaining.

+ Life's a beach, bitch!

The future is bright but my heart fucking hurts. 


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every day i grow closer to desiring the life of a serial killer.

i'm going to take a stab (no pun intended) at quitting drinking after this weekend.

i woke up with a new tattoo. i'm not exactly sure how it got there, but lets just say that i am not necessarily pleased with it.

thank you, hector.