May 6th, 2009


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Today I was tempted to steal something from Office Depot - an old school, form your own words, stamper thing. It was $30 for that stupid POS that I will probably use once. It is ideal for a proj. I am working on and I wanted it, but my Jew blood was in full throttle. I ended up not taking it; but very rarely I am tempted (last year it was a jeweled Prada clutch that would probably break in some way or another-they always do.) It wasn't even necessarily that I don't have the money to buy these things at the time. Tell me, do you ever get the urge!?

I came into work on Monday to find this on my desk, via my boss:

What are these women? Do you reach in your handbag like that?

I'm getting involved with Paws in the City. I need some do-gooding in my life. I've been reading The Financial Times that I aptly purloin from my extremely attractive, psychotic, Patrick Bateman-esk neighbor. All it seems to do is depress (err stres) me to bits.

Oh, and when I don't remember cab rides home..I sure am thankful!