January 4th, 2009


(no subject)

hiyee, y'all!

he estado mirando mi madres perros, one whom we refer to as: "pee machine".. did i mention she is autistic?
been trying to work on my french for moms sake of the fam. i enjoy and shall appreciate, but i feel like spanish needs room first.
i'm about to die and i don't know why.
my dog completes me. have you ever felt that way about something?
i've been driving the g-wagon, and to me there is nothing better than a boxy german car. i'm a jew driving a german car.. done it.
old films are my only hope.
skate boarding in chanel shoes makes it punk rock.
lets cuddle and burn holes. i miss my ex. no boys for months.
my mom totally eloped.
i certainly do not have my sanity but at least i'm kind of happy, HEy!