Kilo Pants (thatbandgay) wrote,
Kilo Pants

Today marks the anniversary of my brothers death. It is also his birthday. RIP

I spent 48 hrs stranded at the Atlanta airport and decided that I hate traveling. I get very homesick. At least it wasn't as bad as being stranded in Moscow's Domodedovo airport for over 72 hrs by myself. Needless to say, I canceled my trip to Miami this weekend. Life is too short to be stuck at the airport.

I'm trying so hard to embrace the recession but it is sooo harddd. I've been having nightmares about being totally broke. It is one of my biggest fears.

I feel like I never update. Does anyone even read this?

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    God bless Elliots Hardware $1 bin.

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    Today I was tempted to steal something from Office Depot - an old school, form your own words, stamper thing. It was $30 for that stupid POS that I…

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