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Today I was tempted to steal something from Office Depot - an old school, form your own words, stamper thing. It was $30 for that stupid POS that I will probably use once. It is ideal for a proj. I am working on and I wanted it, but my Jew blood was in full throttle. I ended up not taking it; but very rarely I am tempted (last year it was a jeweled Prada clutch that would probably break in some way or another-they always do.) It wasn't even necessarily that I don't have the money to buy these things at the time. Tell me, do you ever get the urge!?

I came into work on Monday to find this on my desk, via my boss:

What are these women? Do you reach in your handbag like that?

I'm getting involved with Paws in the City. I need some do-gooding in my life. I've been reading The Financial Times that I aptly purloin from my extremely attractive, psychotic, Patrick Bateman-esk neighbor. All it seems to do is depress (err stres) me to bits.

Oh, and when I don't remember cab rides home..I sure am thankful!




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Can people just stop with the destination weddings for a while!? We are in a recession. I'm so tired of spending dolla on this shit.

My father gave me a gold ring with a black diamond that he (his wife/girlfriend) designed after my favorite Kiss song Black Diamond. It's actually the only Kiss song I like. It fucking ROCKS! (pun intended)

The boyfriend leaves for Berlin tomorrow. I'm super jealous, but I'm very happy for him!

I dig Kenny Powers.

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I am reading Carl Sagan. We have the same birthday.

Deadlines and drawings run my life.

Día de Valentinos
I was pulled on to the stage after a little kicking and screaming. The tequila really aided the situation.

I resemble a Doodle bug.

Besame mucho, Anna!

Tell me: Do you have love for Ray J?

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I find that when I get to a point where my Spanish is getting back to par, I start to think in the language and sometimes (unknowingly) I'll throw a Spanish word or two in a conversation or email. And whenever I visit England, I start to think in a British accent after a few days. It's totally silly.

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hiyee, y'all!

he estado mirando mi madres perros, one whom we refer to as: "pee machine".. did i mention she is autistic?
been trying to work on my french for moms sake of the fam. i enjoy and shall appreciate, but i feel like spanish needs room first.
i'm about to die and i don't know why.
my dog completes me. have you ever felt that way about something?
i've been driving the g-wagon, and to me there is nothing better than a boxy german car. i'm a jew driving a german car.. done it.
old films are my only hope.
skate boarding in chanel shoes makes it punk rock.
lets cuddle and burn holes. i miss my ex. no boys for months.
my mom totally eloped.
i certainly do not have my sanity but at least i'm kind of happy, HEy!


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Today marks the anniversary of my brothers death. It is also his birthday. RIP

I spent 48 hrs stranded at the Atlanta airport and decided that I hate traveling. I get very homesick. At least it wasn't as bad as being stranded in Moscow's Domodedovo airport for over 72 hrs by myself. Needless to say, I canceled my trip to Miami this weekend. Life is too short to be stuck at the airport.

I'm trying so hard to embrace the recession but it is sooo harddd. I've been having nightmares about being totally broke. It is one of my biggest fears.

I feel like I never update. Does anyone even read this?

sexy can i?

i've got the regis philbin record on and life is on the ups. thumbs up.

gay pari soon.

change your life, clean your room.
sorry ma, i forgot to take out the trash.
it's all i can do.

gotta go - a real cock blocker is calling me.